Things to look for when buying from a competitor

It does not take very long for lots of black mold to set up shop in spray-in-foam or the framing material

Black mold as seen here in this three year old Transit Connect is the reason we retired our brand new $35,000 Spray Foam and Spray Liner machine!

This rapid growth of black mold was due to a small roof leak and everyday condensation build up on the back side of the spray in polyureia liner. (Pick-up truck bed liner)

Do you have a spray in liner?  Do you have black mold behind that slick/good looking finish?

Things to look out for:


We could smell the mold in this truck with the doors closed


Does the liner have bubbles in it or does it sag anywhere?

Cooling Capacity.

Did your unit work great when you got it but now takes forever to cool down, or never reaches set point anymore?

All of these are good indicators of the likelihood of moisture intrusion in the insulation media. Closed cell or open cell it does not matter. Moisture intrusion is a fact of life in this business due either to improper unit to roof sealing or condensation build up between the nice shiny finish of the polyuria finish and the foam, just like this one did. By the way, the owner was still paying payments).

This will happen if a box is not designed to breath and vent moisture or if you spray foam into areas that where designed to vent air out the back of the truck while in motion. Net result... you will have mold. It is just a matter of time.

This truck was so bad customers complained about tasting mold flavor in their delivered product due to improper sealing (which will affect everyone over  time).

Daniel Richardson
Innovative Refrigeration Technologies